GoPro Fishing

The GoPro App Rules!

June 10, 2018


Every action camera has a app associated with their cameras. Typically you can use the app on your phone as a screen for your action cameras. However our favorite part about the app is the ability to grab a still image of the videos. We use the GoPro app in every scenario so we can have videos and pictures of each catch. Check out our newest video on youtube for a complete demonstration on how we use the GoPro App. 



We Have had a lot of question on how we are capturing these awesome action pictures with our landing nets. Our secret is video. We run a 4k video on every fish we catch and then steal a freeze frame image within that video. In some cases with great lighting, we will run a 1080 video with 120 frames, this will allow you to have more still frames to choose from on action shots then  4k at 60.


Download the app on your phone from the app store. Turn your Gopro Camera on and follow the on screen instruction on how to pair your phone with the GoPro. After you're paired, select the lower left corner tab that looks like squares inside of a larger square. This will bring up all of your videos on your GoPro memory card. Choose the video you want to get a picture from. Go to the spot on your video that you would like to capture a image of. After you find your desired spot, select the second tab from the left at the bottom that looks like a picture inside a square. This will bring up the individual frames of the video. Scroll over until you find the best quality frame. On action shots, the majority of the movement will produce blur, so you will have to scroll over to find the clearest picture. Once you have found the best frame with thin that video, hit save. This has saved a still image right to your camera roll. We now like to edit that picture to maximize the quality. Snapseed is one of our favorite apps to edit with. Choose a filter look to increase the saturation and HDR landscape. The best part about this app is selecting specific parts of the picture to adjust. In many of our pictures we will choose a filter look that increases the saturation of the fish perfectly but over saturates the hands and face of the person in the picture. With the selecting tool on Snapseed you can select the hands and turn the saturation down. You can also use this tool to select anywhere in the picture to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and structure. After you edit the picture to your desired look, hit save. This will convert the original picture to its newly edited version. You can also save a duplicate but in most cases you will never use that original unedited picture so theres no reason to take up space with a duplicate. 


If this has helped you, please leave a comment below. Make sure to watch the full video on Youtube "Capturing A Still Image With The GoPro App". If your interested in purchasing a camera to capture these incredible shots while fishing, then check out the camera section on our site. We will be doing views on each camera and our opinion of the pros and cons on how they work with our landing nets. If You already use the App to capture awesome pictures then make sure you share them with us on Instagram and Facebook. We will repost your pictures and shout you out. Thanks again for your Support. Tight Lines !