How to Build a Fly Rod Vault

How to Build a Fly Rod Vault

October 18, 2018

How to Build a Fly Rod Vault

I recently decided to build a new rod vault for my 10’ euro rods. I have a Denver Outfitters 3 rod vault, that Ive been using for years and love the convince and safety of my rods it gives. However, it will only hold 9’ rods. So I decided to design a rod vault that would look good and hold up. DIY projects are always fun and cheaper than buying a product on the market. So here is how I built my euro rod fault. You can build it whatever length and style you want. I will give a list of parts you can order online and the rest can be picked up at your local hardware store. This build will cost you “About” $150. I Say “About because I already had several parts in my shop and I found my Flag Pole Kit  at a yard sale, which is what gave me the idea to build this vault in the first place. However, with extensive research I found the flag pole kit company online, so this should be the same one that I found locally. The key piece is the base that comes in this kit. You can click on any of the blue words to follow links. This should take you just over and hour to build. Enjoy
How to Build a Fly Rod Vault  

Parts List                        

  • Ammo Box( Flambeau box works best)
  • Flag Pole Kit
  • Sillicon(can be bought at hardware store)
  • Small Screws (comes with flag pole kit)
  • U bolts and Nylon lock nuts
  • Plasti dip(Yellow, Blue, Red, Black)
  • Rubber 1 1/4” Plug
  • Decals
  • Lock
First Step
Take the flag pole base and place it on the bottom of the ammo box. Making the hing side up and the lock handle down. Mark the 4 bolt holes and then mark the center of the main 2” hole. Drill these 5 holes out.  Coat the bottom of the flag pole base with silicon. This will act as an adhesive but also keep water out. Coat the bolts in lock tight, use a lock washer and flat washer and put the base onto the box with the nuts on the inside.
 How to Build a Fly Rod Vault How to Build a Fly Rod Vault How to Build a Fly Rod Vault
Step Two 
Take the flag pole tubes and disconnect the adaptor end with the black threaded inserts and lock pins. This can be a little tricky but they do come off. After you get them all disassembled, take the largest diameter tube and slide into the base and ammo box. Make the tubing inside of the ammo box flush with the hole you cut in the ammo box. Mark on the outside where the top of the base is on the tubbing.Then take apart and apply silicon around the tubing up to the line you just marked. Put this back inside the base and ammo box and drill and put in a few small screws. These screws are basically just holding the pieces together until the silicone dries. Make sure your screws are not to long going inside the tubing where your rod will get caught up on it. I also positioned my screws on the top of the base, not the bottom, because the rod will be sitting inside on the bottom of that base. Take the silicon and put a bead around the joint of the tube and base and then take your finger and a wet rag and clean up the silicon.
How to Build a Fly Rod Vault How to Build a Fly Rod Vault How to Build a Fly Rod Vault
Step Three
Take the second largest diameter tubing and place inside the end up the first tubing that is connected to the ammo box / base. Put about 10” inside and mark a line.Take apart and wrap electrical tape around the smaller tubing to make a snugger fit and take up some of the play. Cover in silicon up to the line. Put back together to the line and then put silicon two inches onto the first large tubing for the joint adaptor and push it in place. Drill and place two small screws on the sides behind the joint adaptor. Then put a bead of silicon around the joint adaptor. Repeat this step for the last section of tubing. This section will be cut down to whatever your desired length will be. Just measure the length of the ammo box to the end of the third section of tubing and mark a line. I made mine 11.5 feet so I can use a switch rod in it as well.  Before you anchor the third section on. Place the rubber plug on the end and pound it in good. Silicon and anchor third piece on and let dry for 24 hours. I put spacers under the tubing on the floor and let it sit for a day.

How to Build a Fly Rod Vault How to Build a Fly Rod Vault How to Build a Fly Rod Vault

Let it sit for 24 Hours. 

How to Build a Fly Rod Vault
How to Build a Fly Rod VaultHow to Build a Fly Rod Vault How to Build a Fly Rod Vault
Time to Install
The work is over and the fun begins. Anchor your vault onto your Trucks rack with the U Bolts. Depending on your rack system, Use a Bolt on each side of the cross bar connecting with the plate of the U bolts and the new Nylon lock nuts you bought separately. Cover you Vault in Decals or leave it bare. Time to hit the water! Hope you guys enjoyed this DIY as much as I did. Leave any questions or comments. I am sure there are other ways, and probably even better ways to build a vault but this worked for me in just over an hour and less than $100.
Tight Lines. 
How to Build a Fly Rod Vault