How We Use Our Action Camera Mount Fishing Nets

How We Use Our Action Camera Mount Fishing Nets

June 10, 2018

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Powerful camera for the price !!

We have had a lot of questions on how to use our landing nets with the action camera mounts. These nets were designed for you anglers who love to brag about the size fish you catch, or just want the proof that you even caught one. If your like us, you just like showing the world the beautiful fish and the places they live. With everyone in todays world having a social media account, this net is perfect for you to show your followers that lunker from the weekend. We have had several people assume this net is only for capturing the action shot of the fish going into the net. That is just 1 of 5 unique angles you can get with our fishing net. We have broken down the best ways to use these nets to the full potential of capturing quality shots of your day on the water.



[ ANGLE 1 ]


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 Of course this is the first angle you can capture with the net, but it most defiantly is not the only. The land is very unique to us because it cannot be captured any other way. With the new technology in voice activation cameras this shot can be done very easily by commanding your camera to start recording. We like to slow these shots down in play back to see the full action as the fish is fighting away. We have had very many cases where the fish will spit the hook and come off right as your going to land it and if it wasn't for our nets filming all of the action, you may have never gotten the chance to really see that monster fish. Another awesome thing we like to do with the land shot is capture a still picture within the frames of the video. We will break down a later review on how we use the apps with the action cameras to capture these still pictures. Again, our nets are the only way to capture still shots from the Land.


[ ANGLE 2 ]



This is our favorite angle to capture with the nets. Sure anyone can take a picture or video of their fish with a cell phone or camera with out our net. However, most of the time its very shaky, or the camera flips back and forth from landscape and vertical mode, and the chance of dropping your phone or the fish into the river is very likely. To top it all off, its such a pain to try and dig around in your vest to find you camera after you catch the fish. Why not have your camera ready on the very net you just used to land the fish. This net is made for the connivence of the angler to be ready for quality shots after every catch. Theres not another photography product on the market that is geared to the angler like our camera fishing nets are. With all that being said lets get into the best way to capture the shot with our net. Most people mistakenly holds their fish to far away from the camera, assuming they are getting the whole fish in the shot. With the wide angle lenses on these action cameras, the closer you hold it the better. We recommend about 6 inches or so from the lens. Another tip we like to do is what we are calling the “swoop” shot. You start the fishes face at the camera and then swing it around to the tail to show the hole body off. When you have a big mature fish with a kype jaw this shot looks extremely cool. We captured these shots on our most recent film NY Giants -In The Bag - of big steelhead, brown trout and even a king salmon going into the guide net.

[ ANGLE 3 ]


This shot is sometimes laughed at but if you do not have your buddy there to take a picture then how else are you suppose to prove that you actually caught that monster fish. Unless you have a tattoo on your hand, Like I do, then your going to have to swallow your pride and take a few selfies with your fish. This shot is when we really like to use the voice activation and command our cameras to take the picture. This shot is also very cool to capture the hole experience of your day on the water. Rather your an angler who likes to share where your fishing or you like to keep your honey hole hush hush. You can angle this selfie shot however you prefer your viewers to see.

 [ ANGLE 4 ] 


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We always refer to this as the novelty shot because it is a crowd favorite to see the fish in its natural habitat. Even if your not a catch and release angler, you can appreciate the cool shots you have seen of the fish underwater. We promote catch and release and like for someone else to share the thrill of catching that monster fish we just did. These nets are designed for catch and release because the camera is right there ready to prove you did so. You can either release the fish with your hand or just dip the net with the fish in it down in the water and the camera is going to capture the fish swimming away. The bags are a rubber catch and release netting that are fish friendly and do not rub the oils or scales off the fish. They are also snag free so you will not have to worry about your hooks getting caught in them.

[ ANGLE 5 ]


 This shot is one we do not personally use enough because we like to hike as we fish. But if your an angler that fishes from a boat or likes to fish the same whole all day then use your net as a tripod to film. Turn your camera on and film you casting, reeling and then posing your fish off. This angle is like having a camera man there filming for you all day. If you can capture a complete cast, hook up, reel, land and then pose your fish from the start of a tripod view then send it in and we will reward you for being awesome.


We hope this review will help you all using the net and possibly show some of you the true advantage of having one of our nets over a old cheap net that doesn't offer you any more than landing your fish. Sure you can duct tape a camera on your old net. Essentially thats how we got started, but after losing a few $400 cameras in the water because the duct tape wore out or broke, we decided to design a product made for this purpose. We guarantee, you will not have to worry about a camera coming off if you have it connected properly. Besides the awesome camera mounts on our nets, they offer much more. They are extremely durable and will last you a lifetime because all of our bags are replaceable. We will even replace them for free if you send your old bag in. This one net can be used for many different styles of fishing thanks to the interchangeable handle design. We will be doing future reviews to show our interchangeable handles, different cameras we recommend, and how to use the action camera apps. Check back for more tips and tricks and don't forget to follow and share us on social media. For a more visual lesson on using our landing net please check out our video “How to use the net”. Tight Lines