How the greatest landing fishing net was created.

How the greatest landing fishing net was created.

June 10, 2018

Every now and then a new invention comes along that makes you question the old method.


by: Beau Robinson

As the owner of an exisitng fishing company called Natives Fly Fishing, I was on the water more days than most. Always out getting new material for our social media pages, and neglecting the work I should have been doing. Just like most trout bums do. I became very frustrated after long days on the water, but never getting quality stuff to share. It was super hard to land a fish and wrestle around with it and my phone, while standing knee deep in swift water. I know I wasn't the only one feeling this way. In fact, most anglers hate the inconvenience of getting a fish picture, landing a fish with a rod in one hand, and a net in the other. This system just never worked. What puzzled me, with today's technology of action cameras and cell phones, there should be no reason to end a day without a simple picture of your fish. However, there was no convenient product that could give a new technology solution to this problem.


So Im going to reiterate the problems because I know every angler has experienced one at some point. Who's tired of catching monster fish and having your friends call you a liar because they didn't see 'em? Or fed up with the hassle of carrying a camera or phone and struggling to take good pics or videos of your fish? Wanting to show your catch to your friends and followers quickly, easily and professionally? So why is there not a product that captures these shots for you and makes your day on the water easier?


Our group was determined to come up with THE solution. Essentially, my first big idea was what we went with. We tried duct taping, gluing, and screwing our GoPro cameras to our old wooden nets, but it wasn't a permanent solution. They always broke, or we would forget to rig it up before going out. We quickly realized there wasn’t a product on the market geared towards the angler. Everything was marketed to the photographer/videographer. The last thing we wanted was to carry another piece of equipment around all day. So we set out to create something that was completely different than anything yet available. Seeing how most anglers carry a fishing net along with them to land their fish, we decided to recreate one that was much more effective. We were excited to come up with a fishing net that was completely innovative, to not only fix our problem, but completely trump our competitors. So, we designed the ultimate fishing net...with features never before available.


Meet the Catch Cam Net. Our patent-pending net integrates a camera mount directly into the handle, making it easy to get great pics and videos of your catch with your cell phone, in a waterproof case, or an action camera. Compatible with almost every action camera on the market like; GoPro, SjCam, Nikon Keymissions, YI, Garmin, and many more. With the new voice activation cameras like the Hero5, you can now capture the most incredible authentic shots hassle free. If that wasn't enough to make us the best and most unique fish landing net on the market, we designed a few more amazing features. Durable is an understatement for this net. Built out of aluminum tubing, this product is nearly indestructible. Trust me, we have tried to break it. Our handles all unscrew to change out different lengths and colors. Everyone is loving this feature because now you do not need 3 different nets for 3 different styles of fishing. If you're on a boat and need a little extra length, then screw in one of our two foot handles. If your wadding in the backcountry then keep the twelve inch handle on the net. Of course everyone likes to customize their gear nowadays. It is 2017, where trends matter and you can create and order something custom by a click of a button. So of course, we took this in consideration and added some awesome hydro-graphics to our handles. Our colors and pattern choices are growing everyday. With hydro-graphics, there are thousands of patterns on the market. We believe our nets are the strongest and most versatile fish landing net ever made. We may be biased, but our customers are saying the same thing.

We have gone through many prototypes in the last year and spent endless hours designing and testing them to achieve the perfect fishing net. These nets were designed and built by an angler for anglers, so it is safe to say, they're extremely practical. American made, which is a big deal to us. We will have complete control over the quality and performance of our nets. Additionally we will have so much more control of our processes to grow and create more American jobs. We plan on helping make America great again by bringing manufacturing shops back to our states. The Catch Cam Net is so much more than just THE BEST net that helps land your fish, it provides you with convenient proof that you did. So never be called a liar again, buy yourself a Catch Cam Net, and have proof of every catch. Check out some shots from the net view on our social media pages, and don't forget to share.