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Do You Remember Your Biggest Catch?

July 17, 2018

Do you remember your biggest catch? Close your eyes and travel back to that day. Remember the warmth of the sun on your face and the feeling of your boat rocking from side to side in the gentle waves. Remember the exhilaration and thrill you felt as you reeled in your prize and the sounds of your friends and family cheering you on as you drew in your net, adrenaline coursing through your veins.

How did you memorialize that moment? If you’re anything like most fishers, you probably eagerly asked a buddy to snap a photo of you in your triumph, holding your newly-caught fish up with a grin on your face.  That picture serves as the prime evidence of your best catch, and you’ll show it every time you tell the story. As time goes on, though, it’s human nature to forget details here and there, and soon, the story starts to change a bit every time you tell it. The one incontrovertible piece of evidence you have is your photo – but does a single picture REALLY do your story justice?

 We think there’s a better way. Catch Cam Nets allow you to attach an action camera or even your cell phone directly to the net. When you fish, you’re in the driver’s seat, and while you’re focusing on the heart-pounding excitement of reeling in your catch, using justthe right touch and technique, the camera captures every second to preserve your moment for life. Instead of thinking back on the story of your greatest catch and relying on your memory to fill in the holes, now you’ve got your own personal film reel to play again and again (not to mention, solid proof to back up your thrilling tale).

 Anyone who’s been fishing knows that the moment of a great catch comes at you fast. It all happens in a blur of adrenaline, excitement, shouting, and splashing. Preserving those incredible moments gives you the best of both worlds: It lets you fully immerse yourself in the emotions of the moment AND enjoy the experience over and over for years to come.

 Fishing is about more than just getting away from it all or taking home fish. It’s about connection—or separation—and making memories that can last forever, and we think that you need a camera experience that will capture just that.


They say, “All fishermen are liars”, but we disagree. YOU know how amazing your greatest catch was. When your next epic opportunity comes around, be prepared to capture it and enjoy the memory of the moment forever.


GoPro Fishing Net