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The Fish Gods Net 

Fish Gods mission is to keep our waters clean. The clean earth bag was their first step in that direction. When you purchase something from Fish Gods, 5% is collected from the total revenue and placed in a fund that is used for environmental initiatives across the country.  Their brand and apparel line is a unique way to educate and bring together anglers to take a more conservation approach at protecting our resources. We are super excited to partner with them on this initiative. 


HANDLE - 9" (Brook) or 19"(Fish Camo) 

TOTAL LENGTH - 36 (Brook) or 46 INCHES  (Fish Camo)

BAG DEPTH - 14 (Brook) OR 24 INCHES (Fish Camo)

Combo is one Hoop and camera block with both bags and both handles 

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Category: collaboration, Nets

Type: collaboration

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